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Computers for schools Uganda, in partnership with Australia Aid, kick-started a digital storytelling initiative in rural primary schools in the Rwenzori region. The project targets children of primary four and primary five and aims at improving their literacy skills. This helps them pick more interest in the learning of day today English language. Pupils are required to write stories, which are later developed into digital format in form of video, audio and power point presentations.

CFSU carried out an orientation of the project to its project staff in May 2013, attracting teachers of English language and the Deputy Principal (pre-service), Canon Apollo Core Primary Teachers College, Mrs. Elizabeth Rwamwenge. Speaking during the orientation Mrs. Rwamwenge, a specialist in English language teaching,  commended digital storytelling as an appropriate tool for addressing the various aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking. She added that the integration of pictures, sound and videos make learning exciting to the pupils as well as making it easier for the teachers to teach.

Description: G:\vlcsnap-2013-06-06-12h16m25s175.pngImage

Lydia Kamba; Project officer education talking to pupils about story writing.

The stories are currently under development by CFSU staff and in an effort to have the project take effect, CFSU has prepared three Pentium IV computers with the necessary software, ready to be dispatched to schools with the content. They are currently in consultation with experienced teachers, to help them improve the stories and develop a user guide for digital storytelling. The project started well but has faced a number of challenges stemming from the congested school calendar, which makes it hard alter.


Fine tuning of digital content is under way and will be followed by the installation of packaging content and completion of user guide will be in June 2013. Training of primary school teachers from the target schools, orientation of Centre coordinating tutors (CCTs) and Installation of computers in schools will follow in the month of July. The project will then face evaluation, between October and November, 2013.



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