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The BI annual teachers review is meant to be a mid-year evaluation exercise. It is meant to assess the teachers as well as the implementers of the project. Besides that, it is also meant to be a time for reflection and correction.

The 2013 bi annual teachers review was organized in style. The day kicked off with the D.E.O’s inspection of CFSU office and all roads then led to Rwimi primary    school and later in the afternoon they took a turn to Bwanika primary school.

Image  Image Image

 D.E.O at CFSU  Office                    Visitors arrive at Rwimi p/s                  Visitors arrive at Bwanika p/s                                       

The event drew 15 head teachers from the project schools, the inspector of schools in charge of Bunyangabu County, the inspector of schools in charge of Burahya County, the D.I.S the D.E.O in charge of the disabled ,CCTsS the District Education officer Kabarole district and the PTAs plus the SCMs representatives. In total there were 28 participants. The master of ceremony was Mr. Blaise Kankya the Coordinator EPP schools Kabarole

 Computers for schools selected two schools to visit, the criteria was one semi-rural school and one real rural school just for comparatives sake.  

Rwimi primary school has about a1, 300 pupils and16 teachers while Bwanika’s

Population ranges between 600-650 pupils and 13 teachers. Both schools have 6 EPP trained teachers that have developed lots of instructional materials.  In terms of performance, Rwimi beats Bwanika by far. Infrastructure ways, the two schools are no match at all.

Image   Image  

 Bwanika Pupils in class                                     Rwimi Pupils in class

Rwimi is also a special school in that it has all tribes of Uganda making it very unsuitable for the thematic curriculum to take root smoothly.

EPP program has given it special attention because of its unique nature in that it could be a model school that promotes English speaking since there is need of a common language.

Bringing these two schools and all the education policy implementers was a very brilliant idea for who knows out of such a visit help would be availed.

Some of the visiting crew was indeed shocked to know that a school like Bwanika with such infrastructure still existed in Uganda

A lot was done during this bi review annual exchange visit. EPP trained teachers showcased different best practices in the class room environment.

Teachers in Rwimi demonstrated to the visiting groups various ways of finding and making instructional materials especially from local materials.

A teacher in Rwimi demonstrated to the group how he made a pot made by his handwork class an instruction material for teaching the listening skill.


In Bwanika a demonstration was also carried out where teachers demonstrated using natural materials like banana fibers and a mat to teach a library class.



 Most head teachers said it was such an honor to meet the EPP family plus the education officers team in a relaxed and jolly manner.

One Kiboota primary school headmaster Mr. Katuramu made the congregation laugh when he seriously commented that his pupils started putting on shoes with the coming of EPP in his school.

In his speeches in both schools, the D.E.O thanked Computers for schools for the work well done and encouraged the heads of schools to make such visits a habit even when the EPP program gets over. He also thanked the teachers for being so keen and committed. The D.E.O also used this opportunity to issue certificates to members who had completed the non- conventional innovative methods of English language teaching and learning training.

       Image Image

The children entertained visitors with traditional dance and drama recited poems and dialogued

ImageImage Image

The bi annual review came with lots of ripple effects:

  • Head teachers of schools got to know one another shared and borrowed ideas that might in future be useful to their schools.
  • The D.E.O and his crew got to know exactly what EPP is all about.
  • Inspectors got a chance to visit their schools.
  • The pupils displayed their talents.


                               Members pose for the photo after the session

The day that had started at 7:30 with the visit to CFSU office ended at 5:00pm in Bwanika primary school.    


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