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All roads led to Buhinga primary school on 24th August 2013 to witness yet another of the EPP Music Dance and Drama / Debate competition!

As a way of improving pupils’ communicative skills co-curricular activities like Debate Music Dance and Drama have been adopted to enhance the teaching / learning the four aspects of language i.e. listening speaking, reading and writing.

1 3   2                                                         Project schools competing for the 2013 MDD/Debate award

The aim of inter school competitions is to tap the pupils potential streamline it so that we come out with well-grounded pupils with good communicative skills that they can use in their day to day life.

It’s for this reason that all the fifteen project schools sent 255 participants to Buhinga p/s to showcase their talents.


                                                                         Pupils assemble for the National anthems

The National theme for the year 2013 is on Malaria prevention and children’s rights observance. The traditional dances, the set pieces, Drama skit and the Debate motion all rotated that theme.

The occasion kicked off with the arrival of participants as early as 7:30am.

By eight, most schools had arrived and without delay they all gathered in the main hall for the National and Tooro anthems. Set pieces followed, then Debate, Drama and lastly traditional dances followed suit.

Present were the D.E.O  Kabarole  Mr. Rwakaikara Patrick, the D.I.S Kabarole  Mr. Rujumba Joseph, the D.E.O special needs  Mrs. Harriet Angwena  D.E.O Special needs, Head teachers and teachers of the project schools in total made 51( teachers 23 male, 29 female).Also present were parents, teachers and pupils from non-project schools who had come to witness the occasion.

Also present were the three adjudicators Mr. Kajura Nelson a Debate expert from Buhinga primary school, Mr. David Mweru a Drama specialist from Kahinju primary school and Mr. Rogers Ayesiga a dance analyst also from Buhinga Primary school.

The morning session saw the choral singing take the curtain raiser position, Debate followed and lastly Drama.  There was a lunch break of about 20 minutes after which the activity caught fire and run unbroken till 5:30 pm ending with Traditional dances after which speeches and words of caution/ encouragement from both the invited guests and the adjudicators followed.

The district inspector of schools Mr. Rujumba took the floor first. He first of all thanked Computers for schools for bringing back clubs that build and give confidence to the pupils!


                                                                        D.I.S Mr. Rujumba Joseph addressing the audience

He thanked the teachers for the work well done amidst marking exams and report making. He said his wish was to see this kind of thing continue and spread to the most remote areas like Bagayap/s and many others. He lastly ushered in the D.E.O to address the congregation.

The D.E.O also started on the same note of commending computers for schools for having come up with the idea of bringing back clubs that had long been forgotten. He thanked teachers present for all the effort they had put in to see to it that this occasion becomes successful. He however cautioned them against giving lame excuses of funds as an excuse for abandoning the school clubs saying a thing like Debate just needs pupils a class and a committed teacher. He hailed the performance as good considering that there had not been many club activities in some schools for a long time.

In his own words, he summarized by saying” I commend you teachers for the work well done, given chance I wouldn’t bring out such results in such a short time”. He again put in a request to computers for schools to widen their scope of operation so as to give chance to the other unprivileged schools.

Next on line was a representative of the panel of adjudicators Mr. Mweru David who addressed the audience saying “I am glad that this year’s performance was better than last years for every one could see and feel the spirit of competition”


                                                                     Mr. Mweru David addressing the participants

He went on to point out areas he was disappointed with as:

  • Trainers are not supposed to sing and yet he had heard some sing
  • Drama only becomes drama if there is an element of conflict in it or else it just becomes an ordinary story
  • Characters are not supposed to play two roles giving an example of a pupil who had acted two roles: one as an old man in one scene and another as a young boy in the next scene.
  • Facial expressions should depict the feelings of the beholder let joy be joy and sadness be sadness he gave an example of a character who had smiled in a meant to be sad moment.
  • Lastly, he commended the teachers for the work well done saying there was a great improvement between last year’s performance and this year. He said he is expecting even greater and better results come 2014.

Next on the floor was Mrs. Harriet Angwena who  mainly re-echoed the former speakers words but also adding that  the 15 schools that are in the EPP programs should count themselves lucky in that no one can take what they have learnt from them. She encouraged members to try their level best to see to it that the co- curricular activities do not get into a slumber again. She asked them to keep the fire burning even after the project has come to an end.

Since she had been assigned the duty of handing over awards to pupils prior to her speech she stayed on stage waiting for the results to be announced.  Not long after her address Mr. Kajura Nelson got up to announce the results. He thanked members for  such a degree of patience they had displayed and went ahead to remind the audience about the results of writing and drawing competition that had taken place a fort unite ago were to be announced together with those of MDD  Debate ones. He then went on to announce results of MDD and Debate thus:


1 Bwanika p/s 39 15th 57 61 81 238 9th
2 Rubona p/s 63 7th 61 62 82 268 4th
3 Busiita p/s 44 14th 44 088 14th
4 Mugusu p/s 47 13th 65 64 68 244 7th
5 Kasiisi p/s 74 2nd 66 80 77 297 1st
6 Haibale p/s 54 10th 57 62 54 225 11th
7 Kigarama p/s 63 7th 73 75 75 286 2nd
8 Mtns of the moon p/s 51 11th 60 60 56 217 12th
9 Conon Apollo demo p/s 66 6th 65 61 67 259 6th
10 Kabata p/s 55 9th 53 64 42 214 13th
11 Kibiito p/s 68 5th 68 60 68 264 5th
12 Kiboota p/s 72 3rd 58 57 56 243 8th
13 Karambi p/s 70 4th 60 65 42 237 10th
14 Rwimi p/s 78 1st 74 59 58 269 3rd
15 Paul Devilne p/s 49 12th 049 15th

He also went on to announce the writing and drawing results thus:


No School Writing Marks Position Drawing Marks Position
1 Bwanika p/s 514840 139 14th 726060 192 9th
2 Rubona  p/s 676059 186 7th 686545 178 11th
3 Busiita  p/s 281304  45 15th 686155 184 10th
4 Mugusu p/s 756850 211 3rd 797835 192 8th
5 Kasiisi p/s 828060 222 1st 787868 224 4th
6 Haibale p/s 787550 203 5th 888481 253 1st
7 Kigarama p/s 827374 154 12th 777674 227 3rd
8 Mtns of the moon p/s 676050 177 9th 301330 73 14th
9 Canon Apollo demo p/s 686553 186 7th 747460 208 5th
10 Kabata p/s 605950 168 11th 7068- 138 12th
11 Kibiito p/s 757270 217 2nd 727060 202 6th
12 Kiboota p/s 696460 193 6th 807770 227 3rd
13 Karambi B p/s 676250 179 8th 696862 199 7th
14 Rwimi p/s 866058 204 4th 858270 237 2nd
15 Paul Devilne p/s 656050 175 10th 271715 59 15th

Mrs. Angwena performed the duty of handing over the trophies / prizes to the participants.


                                                                D.E.O for special needs Mrs. Harriet Angwena giving out prizes.

There were 4 trophies, one for Debate which was taken by Rwimi primary school, one for MDD that was taken by Kasiisi primary school, one for writing that was taken by Rwimi p/s again and lastly one for drawing that was taken by Haibale p/s respectively.


Among the best individual performers were:

  • Atuhaire Olivia from Kibiito p/s who emerged as the first best actor
  • Atusingunza Mathias from Mugusu p/s emerged as the second best actor
  • Tusiime benedet from Kigarama emerged as the third best actor
  • Asiimwe John  from Kigarama also took the forth position as an actor
  • Tumwine Andrew from Rubona came out as one of the best dancer
  • Mbabazi Lucy from Bwanika also took the second place as a dancer
  • Byaruhanga Joseph from Bwanika took the third position as a dancer
  • Kamakune Jennifer from Kiboota took the fifth place as the best actor
  • Twebaze Alex from Rwimi emerged as the best debater
  • Byaruhanga Dalton also from Rwimi took the best place as the best artist

All the best participants received prizes like geometry sets, wall clocks, pencils, pens, wall hangings and colors.

The occasion came to an end at 6:15pm with a grand dance that took the winners and the losers to the floor as networking continued.


                                                    The deputy Head teacher of Kasiisi receiving the overall winner’s trophy.      

11Winners dancing to their victory 


  1. Pupils and teachers were able network with other pupils and learn more.
  2. The long time dead clubs have been revived
  3. Stake holders saw the use and need of co-curricular activities in schools


  1. To organize such functions comfortably is a very expensive venture.
  2. Time keeping is a problem.
  3. Not every teacher is in full support of the recovery of these programs.
  4. In some of the schools there are no music teachers to train pupils so that makes is expensive in a way that trained services must be hired from outside.

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