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CFSU STORMS V.O.T STUDIO 19TH /7/2013, 2ND /11/2013


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Radio talk shows help in reaching out information to larger masses of the people. CFSU has found it a very useful tool to use in reaching out to schools within and without the EPP family.

2013 Radio talk shows have hosted schools that have re-known debaters and these are Kabata P/S, Kasiisi P/S, Mugusu P/S, Karambi “B” P/S, Haibale P/S, Ruboona P/S, Bwanika P/S and Rwimi P/S.

The national theme for 2013 was “Malaria Prevention and children‘s rights” so all debate motions throughout the year rotated on this theme.

The first talk show (19/07/2013) put emphasis on Malaria Prevention. During the show pupils sensitized the community on how best they could prevent malaria giving Examples of cutting grass around their homes ,boiling drinking water, sleeping under a Mosquito net, closing shutters in time and going to the Hospital at the sight of the first symptoms.

The talk show gave pupils an opportunity to remind the parents that it is their duty to make sure that they are given treatment when they are sick as well as making sure that they don’t fall sick anyhow. They too sighted out the issue of food as an important children’s right. Children also gave their opinion on capital punishment saying that too many canes do not solve problems but sitting together with them and understanding the root cause of their problems might make a difference.

The pupils went on to enlighten the community that besides Malaria there are other diseases that are a threat to their lives. They gave examples like cancer, dysentery, measles, chicken pox and so on and so forth.


The second show (2nd /November /2013) comprised of Teachers CCTs and the D.E.O Kabarole who joined hands together in preparing the community, the schools, the candidates, the supervisors,  and the scouts for the coming PLE exam.

In his communication the D.E.O thanked CFSU for organizing such an event which was quite timely. As one versed with all the areas he pleaded with the community to give support to the candidates such as making minimum noise, avoiding confrontation with the candidates, as well as giving guidance and counseling appropriate.


He advised the schools to try their level best to avoid mal practices such as copying and so forth. He also reminded schools to remind pupils to pack enough food, be clean and disciplined.

When it came to the candidates he reminded them that good grades start with good discipline and also he encouraged them not to panic but to take treat this exam as the rest of the several exams that they have always done. He also warned them against copying as this would cause a repercussion to the district.

He also used this opportunity to warn scouts and the supervisors to behave like parents and human beings in bid to avoid scaring the children and the school community.

After he deliberated CCT Sessanga Johnson of Kasese took it from there and said the candidates at a time like this are supposed to be given and shown extra love from the patents and their guardian giving an example giving good gifts like a handkerchief a well-balanced diet encouraging statements and so on and so forth.


The microphone was the given to one lady teacher Ms. Kabatooro Peluse who had come to representative examiners. She gave a few tips on what is expected from the pupils saying that pupils should make sure that they:

  • write their names and index numbers clearly
  •  answer questions in full
  •  be mindful of time
  •  enter the examination room earlier than exam start time
  •  enter the examination room after emptying their bowels
  •  organize extra sanitary pads  in case an accident occurs
  • pray for themselves before starting exams

Next came the EPP teacher coordinator Mr. Kankya Blaise and Mr. Kyota Tom a teacher from Kasiisi Primary school who re-emphasized and re- echoed the D.E.O’s point of the community being part of this trying moment as well as not allowing the scouts and supervisors to take powers completely away from the Head teachers and vice –versa.

Last but not least the program officer CSFU madam Kamba Lydia summed up by thanking all the stakeholders of the district the teachers the pupils the Radio staff of V.O.T radio and the heads of schools for the great support they had rendered to CSFU the year 2013. She said that without them nothing would have been achieved. She closed the session saying that CSFU is determined and committed to see Kabarole District levels of Literacy Numeracy levels improve come rain come shine!


In both talk shows pupils the stakeholders of the District teachers and the CCT received calls from the listeners asking questions which were well responded to.

Eight pupils and five teachers participated in the first radio talk show while one CCT one D.E.O three teachers plus the program officer CFSU participated in the second radio talk show.

From the calls that were coming in one could tell that there was some impact these shows caused.


  • Pupils built their creative, analysis, organization, research and assertive skills.
  • Pupils had a chance to be listened to as they educated the community.
  • The District stakeholders the teachers the CCT and teachers at large were able to reach out to the target communities thus having an impact.


  • Some parents were not comfortable with the idea of their children going out for such activities.
  • The studio had limited space in that only a few pupils could be accommodate
  • Time given allocated to the broadcast was quiet little compared to the issues that were to be addressed

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