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The 8th of September is the world international day set aside by the United Nations to high light the importance of literacy to individuals, societies and the community at large. It also focuses on the world wide literacy needs and advocates for the basic human rights especially of those woman who do not know to read and write and children who are denied of their rights.

This day was proclaimed an international literacy day by the UNESCO on November 17th 1966 and is celebrated yearly to date.

2013 theme of the day was “literacies for the 21st century”. This theme mainly embraced promotion of languages.

EPP being an English language promoting project prepared activities inclined on English language teaching and learning putting emphasis on the girl child being that are sidelined as far as issues of literacy are concerned.

Teachers that have been trained in the non-conventional innovative methods of teaching /learning English language organized activities like essay writing, drama, speeches, poetry writing and reciting competitions as part of the day’s celebration.

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The competition was girls versus boys.

On the whole about 12,000,000 pupils got involved in this exercise.

Different schools celebrated the occasion on the day that was convenient according to school plan. The exercise took a whole week.

Teachers sensitized the masses on the importance of language and gave them tasks to do as a follow up activity.

In Rubona for example the massage of the day conveyed through a piece of drama performed by teachers before their pupils.


They were then given an essay writing exercise based on the drama performance.

Later the essays were read and poems recited in class and best three pieces were chosen from every school and were handed over to CFSU office to be remarked.

In their poems and essays pupils said English language learning was important because:-

a)      Exams were set in English, so it was a must that they get to learn it.

b)      In Uganda since there are many tribes it is used to communicate as a unity language.

c)       Its accepted as an official medium of communication

At the end of re-marking exercise three best pupils emerged best.

Elizabeth kabasinguzi of kiboota p/s scored 79%, Wilson Bagonza of Rubona scored 75%, and lastly Muhumuza Molly from canon Apollo scored 70%. They all got a Dictionary as presents. Girls performed better than the boys.


In Busiita p/s after the teachers highlighted the importance of language, the pupils especially those who participated in the MDD/Debate competition formed an English language club with an objective of promoting English language speaking during school time.

Pupil found an opportune time to air out their problems. Canon Apollo pupils for example told their teachers that the time given was not enough and suggested that they are allowed to borrow books at least for a day or two.

Pupils put to test their poetry writing /learning, essay writing and drama skills


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