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MOSIQUE is a project that was initiated by a nonprofit organization called ELECU in 2012. Its goal is to enhance the quality of active teaching and learning in 15 selected schools in three selected districts of Bukedea, Lira and Soroti.

This project is practical as it involves video coverage by teachers in classrooms during their lessons and also teaches teachers especially those from PTCs to use practical methods when teaching their pupils and students in class. This project is very essential as it is basically hands on and so the students get to practically see or feel and so whatever they learn is imprinted on their minds.

After the gradual acceleration in the successes of this project, a two day workshop was held in Soroti and teachers from Bukedea, canonlawrence and Soroti PTCs were invited to discuss how helpful the project has been in regards to their teaching practices in the class room. A number of teachers were given chance to give their views and below are the ways in which the project has been helpful to both the teachers and their pupils;

  • It has led to building of students’ confidence as MOSIQUE encourages students to sometimes play the role of the teacher.


     A student teaching a class during a math lesson at Bukedea PTC

  • MOSIQUE gives teachers ample time to plan for their lessons as this project encourages teachers to pre plan their lessons before presenting them to the students.
  • Helps identify teaching gaps for the teachers as this project uses video coverage and so the teacher is able to watch how well he did his lesson and so make adjustment where need be.
  • Involving learners in the process whereby students get to participate through group discussions, presentations in class and demonstrations.


                                A group of students discussing

14                    A student in Soroti demonstrating during a math lesson


  •  Develops life skills and values because this project encourages teachers to base their examples on life skills and things that surround students’ communities.


A student trying to teach her friends using the micro teaching concept

As the teachers talked about the benefits of the MoSIQuE project, they also talked about the challenges that they face during the lessons when using the project;

  • Limited cameras, one per college thus it only limited to a few teachers and lessons.
  • No projector-Bukedea that makes viewing films with students impossible as that means that over 20 people are going to crowd around a single laptop.
  • No back up of the films taken especially the CDs so incase of any kind of damage, information is completely lost
  • Inadequate follow up for support after the training as supervisors come like once in a term which is limited supervision.

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