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Transmitting information can only be successful if the method used is good. It has been discovered that peers learn from one another easily and quickly so, if one needs to influence peers, it is good to use fellow peers because they speak the same language have same goals and interests.
It is for this reason that CFSU decided to hold a training workshop to train peer educators as a way of sustaining peer to peer promotion of English language usage.
The purpose for this workshop was twofold:
1. To allow teachers enhance and sustain what they had shared during the peer to peer teaching and learning training that had been carried out prior to the peer educators training session.
2. To follow up pupil who had performed so well in the peer to peer teaching and learning training of English language


Mr. Robert Bright a head teacher of Bukuuku primary school was the trainer of both Canon Apollo Demo and Bwanika Primary school.
The training was attended by 11 teachers of Conan Apollo Demo and 11 Teachers of Bwanika Primary school 16 pupils and 12 student teachers.
In total 21 teachers, 16 pupils and 12 student teachers attended the peer educator straining workshop.
The trainer gave methods of peer educating as follows:

2 Grouping of children as this would give them chance to consult one another and thus find reason to talk

Project work as this would also trigger speech

Drama which would give them chance to assume false identity which would give them freedom to speak freely as though it’s not them

Rewarding which would motivate pupils to follow instructions knowing fully that at the end of the day they will be given something

Turning to the pupils who had attend he said they as leaders should by all means help the teachers with implementing instructions to the rest of the pupil community. Monitors for example should see to it that the projects given to pupils are done in time, usage of English language in class and outside class is monitored. The trainer however emphasized the idea of teachers being friends with pupils if positive results are to be achieved.

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