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One of the objectives of the star model school is to enable pupils start and stay in school to the end. This however can only be attained if children are healthy. If children must start and remain in schools their comfort should be paramount.
It is upon the community therefore to see to it that sanitation of schools is given priority or else the intended purpose of taking children to school will be all in vain.
In most rural schools, sanitation is a problem and the two model schools in question are no exceptional. In Bwanika for instance the girls hardly have enough room where they can be refreshed. Canon Apollo also lacks such facilities.
Considering this, CFSU and its partners took the concern to support the two schools with Jerri cans, basins, toilet papers, sanitary pads, soap and “Leesus”.
It was assumed that children would fetch water if someone needed to wash anything or take shower water would be available.
It was also assumed that with the viability of the toilet paper rolls as well as the sanitary pads and the Leesu, girls through the matron would be given help whenever needed.
In Bwanika the support was received by the head teacher Mrs. Kabaseke Kellen, the deputy Mr.Kayondo, Matron
Ms. Stella Birungi and other teachers.


In Canon Apollo Demo the support was received by Mr. Wamara Edison the senior man and the senior lady MS.Kawino Alice plus the children.
Both schools were grateful to CFSU for considering them to be part of the star model school and said that the support came in timely for they normally get in trouble with the girls of P.7 during exam time.


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