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1 After assessing the general learning environment of the selected schools, the team met at Raca Resort to scrutinize the findings as well as suggest ways and means they were going to devise in order to support these schools. First, the team comprising of Mrs. Katongole Elizabeth head teacher Rubona primary school. The D.E.O in charge of special needs Mrs. Angwena Harriet, the CCT Bukuuku, Ms Miriam Nyakake the head teacher Mugusu primary, Mrs. Robina Nyakairu the Head teacher Busiita Primary school, Ms. Rhoda Kemigisa the Head teacher Kabata primary school, Ms. Kamuli Silvia the head teacher Rwimi primary, Mr. Rwanyiziire Alfred, Mr. Blaise Kankya the EPP co-coordinator, Katongole Francis the head teacher of Kiboota primary school and CfSU program manager of star school program went over the summary that had come from the prior assessment exercise in bid to get on board with the survey findings.
The report from the assessors’ had indicated that canon Apollo and Bwanika had not performed well in 2012 and 2013 P.L.E. Exams and the reasons given were that Canon Apollo had many special needs pupils who could not make it whatsoever. Both schools had always had high teacher pupil racial 1:48 for Canon Apollo and 1:58 for Bwanika. Play time was not given ample respect in that there were no ball pitches no organized game for both Special needs pupils and the normal ones. Girls did not have changing rooms. Cases of early pregnancies/ marriages and dropping out of school were rampant. Parents in both schools were not fully involved in their children’s school life. Lack of libraries made it impossible for pupils to read on their own. Also lack of electricity in classes made it impossible to carry out preps especially for Canon Apollo which has a boarding section. Teachers not residing in school also made it difficult for classes to start on time. Bwanika’s absence of a registered centre made pupils tired before sitting Exams. Bwanika p/s did not have enough seats and as if that was not bad enough the road to the school was in a pathetic state. Lastly there was need of ramps for special needs wheel chairs ferrying in and around classes.
After scrutinizing this report the team came up with the following suggestions that both communities be sensitized on issues pertaining involvement in their children’s school lives. The play areas of both schools be given attention like construction of ball pitches as well as leveling the ground where necessary. In every school let there be two extra teachers to help in the handling of big loads. Some of the money from the government grant be used to buy soap basins and sanitary pads for girls. The government should ask for a special grant to buy furniture for Bwanika p/s and the office of Education department work out a plan of getting Bwanika a registered centre. The road to Bwanika p/s should be reported to the council so that it would be given attention. Staff teacher’s houses in Canon Apollo be given a touch And ramps be constructed for the special needs wheel chairs and lastly Libraries should be built in both schools.

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