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Continuous monitoring is what makes a project a success or failure. The star model school program appreciates the continuous monitoring system and it reports quarterly at the end of every term.
During the one year project span, there have been several follow ups of the star schools and all was done in bid to score a mark.
The system of follow up is done in such a way that every end of term there is an assessment that is done to gage the implementations strength and weaknesses.
The monitoring team comprised of non star model school members, interview children the community, and the teachers about the fairing of the project.
The assessors were Mr. Kankya Blaise the EPP teacher coordinator, the headteacher Mugusu p/s and the deputy headteacher Bukuuku p/s Miss Kakyo Juliet .The review meeting took place in Bwanika.
1The outcome of the assessment came out thus:
Girls had been given a lot of care more than boys and yet boys too need follow up as in guidance and counseling, Teachers of Canon Apollo seem to have conceived the idea of star school better than Bwanika, Canon Apollo received more visits than Bwanika, Inter class competitions did not create a competition spirit as it would, inter school, Motivation as in giving certificates to teachers and prizes to the best teacher performers was a super idea, The ramp for the children with special needs scored higher than any other activity done in the project phase, Third term was more congested with activities and yet it is the busiest time of the year, The special needs children were indeed appreciated and respected all through the annual activities.
Try to equalize the school visits
Spread the activities evenly through the year but more so to 1st and 2nd term.
On the whole achievements were more than challenges a thing that made implementers walk with head up.

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